Why Learn to Teach Computer Science?

  • 58% of all new STEM jobs are ACTUALLY computing jobs — there are 500,000 current openings!
  • 54% of students enjoy computer science!
  • Solving the diversity problem in tech begins with equity-oriented K-12 computing courses
  • Computing is foundational in today’s data-driven society — for any career path!

Why Choose This CS Education Program?

  • Start any time: No waiting for the next term or year.  Pick your course below and enroll now!
  • Self-Paced: Don’t give up family, personal or work commitments.  Work when you have time, stop when you are busy, and pick up right where you left off later.
  • Apply immediately in your classroom:  Don’t take courses designed for tech field workers!  Learn in courses designed to meet teachers’ needs and take course experiences directly into your classroom.
  • Succeed even without prior experience: Engage with constructivist learning experiences, not lecture.   Learn with techniques you can use with your students.  Re-engage until you are happy with your learning.
  • Prepare to Teach Advanced Placement: Prepare to support students in the AP CS Principles and AP CS A (with CS Awesome).
  • Pay Less: Pay $3,400 compared to online or in-person programs offered on a fixed schedule.

Enroll in Teaching Impacts                Enroll in Computational Thinking
of Technology                                & Block-Based Programming

Enroll in Learn to Teach Java                     Teaching Methods in CS
(with CS Awesome)                               Coming, October, 2020

What is it?

An online, flexible program for K-12 CS teachers to complete 16 graduate quarter units (4 courses), accredited by UC San Diego from the Education Studies Department at UC San Diego.


$3,400 (assuming each course is completed within a 12-month window).


Dr. Beth Simon, Teaching Professor, Education Studies.


(Courses 1 & 2 can be taken concurrently or in either order, Courses 3 & 4 recommend that Courses 1 & 2 are completed and can be taken concurrently). Each course is ~100 hours of learner time. Suggested timeline below.

More on Courses…

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the start and end dates of the courses?  You can start a course at any time after payment is made.  Courses are completed at your own pace by June 2021.
  • What, specifically, are teachers learning and doing in these courses?  Information on course learning outcomes, topics covered, assessment and learning activities is outlined for each course here.
  • How do these courses align with NES test competencies?  Here is alignment information at the statement level.
  • I want to integrate this into existing professional development.  How can I do that? For group enrollments, designated group leaders can personalize aspects of the class including deadlines, discussion forums, and auxiliary materials.  Leader can also access learner progress and grades.
  • What if teachers need only a subset of these courses?  Each course is available individually at a cost of $850/year.

Additional questions?  Email cs4teachers@ucsd.edu

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