Teaching Impacts of Technology in K-12 Education Specialization

Teach Impacts of Computing in K-12. Be prepared to help students understand computing and its impacts in their digital worlds

By the end of the course students will be able to analyze and communicate about varying impacts of computing on society, explore the computing concepts underlying many of the programs and technologies which impact our lives, utilize online tools for learning computing concepts and reflect on the ways in which those tools support learning, evaluate, critique, and augment lesson plans and online learning resources utilizing a few key cognitive and educational theories and evidence-based practices and complete and evaluate the Advanced Placement CS Principles Explore Task.

Computational Thinking & Block Programming in K-12 Education Specialization

Design programs to solve problems in a block-based using basic storage (i.e. variables and arrays) and common flow of control (sequencing, selection, repetition), identify common challenges students have with understanding and implementing core programming concepts and be prepared to help students past these difficulties and utilize techniques in the teaching of programming to increase student success (e.g, Parsons’ problems for reducing cognitive load, Peer Instruction for development of analysis and communication skills, Pair Programming for collaboration and debugging skills), complete the Advanced Placement CS Principles Create Task and apply the Create task rubric to sample student work.

Python Programming in K-12 Education Specialization

Course Coming Summer 2019!

Design programs to solve problems in a high-level programming language (Python) using basic control flow, object-oriented design, and basic data structures (e.g. lists and arrays), apply searching and sorting techniques to solve computational problems, describe basic software design processes including waterfall and agile including their impacts on modern software and technology development and create a plan for becoming a computing education leader in your local environment.

Computer-Supported Learning for Computer Science Teachers

Course Coming Summer 2019!

Apply pedagogical techniques to support the teaching of computing, utilize best practices from multimedia learning to develop online learning resources, and evaluate freely available curriculum and resources for teaching computing and impacts of computing