Our Graduate CS K-12 Certificate also is designed to meet the unit and content needs of the California Computer Science Supplementary Authorization.   An overview of how each course aligns to the CTC Computer Science Supplementary Authorizations is here. **

Cost: $3,400 – full program (4 courses) OR  $850 – single course

Choose this program if you want

  • Self-paced, online courses
  • Mastery learning experiences
  • Courses designed EXPLICITLY for teachers’ needs
  • Materials you can use in your classes
  • Experience with AP CS Principles tasks

This program is designed to allow maximum flexibility for the active teacher wanting to earn the Computer Science Authorization without interrupting her busy life.  Work at your own pace, engage with materials until you master them, and only sign up for the final exam when you are satisfied with your work in the course.  Teachers with no prior computer science experience enjoy and succeed in this program!

Teachers don’t have the same needs as those looking to join the technology field — and our courses are built for teachers!  Learn programming by focussing on deep understanding of concepts, how to help students debug, and how to lead classroom discussions around common difficulties and misunderstandings of students.  Be guided in exploring free online curriculum and tools you might want to use in your class.  Experience and take away assessments you can use with your students.

Everything that you will learn in these courses is immediately applicable to your classroom and will help you to build a program that you can be confident in and proud of. –A middle school Spanish teacher

Experience the AP CS Principles Explore and Create Tasks including practice applying the scoring guidelines to real student work, learn about the most common challenges students have, and complete the tasks yourself so you can feel confident preparing your students.

Explore and share ideas for recruiting and supporting an equitable classroom where English language learners, students of color, and girls engage and succeed.  Prepare to be an advocate for computing education in your school.

**The CTC does not authorize supplementary authorization programs.  People wanting to submit for the supplementary authorization take the requisite number of courses and make sure they cover the required content.  The four courses in this program are designed to cover the content in either the Introductory Computer Science supplementary authorization or the Subject-Specific Computer Science Supplementary Authorization.


Dr. Beth Simon, Teaching Professor, Education Studies

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